How To Wear A Chiffon Hijab: 8 YouTube Tutorials

How To Wear A Chiffon Hijab: 8 YouTube Tutorials

Chiffon hijab material is stylish and sophisticated looking. It’s a sheer fabric that’s great for wearing in both summer or winter.

Here are 8 chiffon hijab YouTube tutorials you can copy.

Everyday Simple Chiffon Hijab Styles

Casual styles great for school, university or weekends.

Withlove, Leena Tutorial

Withlove, Leena

Omaya Zein Tutorial

Omaya Zein

Sabina Hannan

Sabina Hannan

Full Coverage Chiffon Hijab Styles

Styles that offer maximum coverage of the neck and chest areas.

YowItsFariin Tutorial


Sarina Shaikh Tutorial

Sarina Shaikh

Saimascorner Tutorial


Hijabholic Shakiya Tutorial

Hijabholic Shakiya

No Pins Chiffon Hijab Styles

No-fuss styles – great for beginners or time-poor Muslimahs.

Hijabi City Tutorial

Hijabi City

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to add elegance to your outfit, wearing chiffon is the way to do it. It’s an excellent fabric to choose for styles that cover your neck and chest areas down to your navel.

You can find many other YouTube tutorials featuring full coverage looks with chiffon fabric.

Unless you’re wearing an instant chiffon hijab, these styles will always need at least a few pins to hold them in place properly throughout the day. Chiffon is a bit of a slippery fabric that has a tendency to move around a bit. This fabric doesn’t cling or stretch at all.

It can take a lot of practice to master wearing chiffon hijabs, but once you do, you can create a lot of different gorgeous looks.

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How To Wear A Chiffon Hijab: 8 YouTube Tutorials