6 Hijabi Life Hacks For Your Everyday Problems

6 Hijabi Life Hacks For Your Everyday Problems

In order to overcome the challenges that wearing the hijab can bring, it’s essential to learn hijabi life hacks.

Hijabi life hacks range from:

  • Knowing how to dress in order to stay comfortable in extreme weather conditions
  • Hijab storage solutions
  • Keeping wispy hairs in control
  • Preventing holes from forming in your favourite hijabs
  • Ironing your hijab in a hurry

If you want to learn how to make your life better with hijabi life hacks, then keep on reading.

Hijabi Life Hacks For Staying Dry In Wet Weather

Hijabi life hacks

Picture this: you’re having a date night with your husband in the city.

Your hijab is gracefully falling over your head, neck and ears. Your arms are kept hidden by long sleeves and your legs are covered to the ankles with a long abaya.

You feel cute. You’re having a great time. Until you get caught in a downpour of rain, that is…

If your clothing is made of the wrong material, it’s probably drenched, cold and clinging to your face and body. Not cute.

Walking through puddles is torment, as your abaya starts to collect rain water at the bottom. It doesn’t dry all night.

The discomfort is putting a damper on your date night. (Sorry).

So, what’s the solution?

Wet Weather Clothing Hijabi Life Hacks

What you need to do is avoid cotton clothing. Once wet, cotton becomes clammy against your skin. Not only that, it will take a really long time to dry.

The best materials you can wear to stay dry on rainy days is polyester, nylon and wool. They repel moisture rather than absorb it.

Wear three layers of clothing – an inner, middle and outer layer. The inner layer will help wick away moisture, keeping you dry. The middle layer will help keep you warm. The outer layer can be worn for extra warmth or taken off, depending on how cold it is.

Hijab Storage Solutions

It’s easy to amass a large collection of hijabs over a number of years.

You probably own black hijabs in numerous styles and textures. Rectangle, square, chiffon and jersey, just to name a few.

You may have been forced to purchase certain colours or styles for work or school. Hijabs are given as Eid gifts every year from friends and relatives. You buy hijabs just to match certain dresses. You stock up on hijabs when they’re on sale.

As our hijab collection grows, it becomes difficult to find storage solutions for them. They tend to take up a lot of space. If stored incorrectly, they begin to crease or smell musty.

What I like to use is a multi-use hanger. One multi-use hanger can hold several scarves, taking up very little space.

Another great option is an over the door shoe organiser. Simply roll up your scarves and store one in each compartment.

Pin Storage Solution

Proper pin storage is crucial, not only for your safety, but also your sanity.

One of the best hijabi life hacks out there is magnetic tape. You simply attach a strip on your bathroom wall or mirror and place your pins on the strip. It does a great job of keeping your pins off the floor and prevents them from getting rusted on your bathroom bench.

Wispy Hairs Showing

This scenario would have to be up there with one of the most irritating things you can ever experience as a hijabi.

“Your hair is showing.”

You fumble around with your hijab.

“Is it gone?”

“No, it’s still showing.”

Give yourself one less thing to worry about by being prepared in the morning.

Style your hair in a low bun. Spray hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and use it to brush down any areas where wispy hairs show. For a stronger hold, you can use hair gel. Hair oil is another option for dry hair.

Hijabi Life Hacks For Staying Cool On A Hot Day

Hijabi life hacks

We’ve covered some of the challenges that wet weather can bring already, now it’s time for warm weather.

I’m not talking about receiving condescending questions like, “aren’t you hot in that?” You can read my post, What To Do When Someone Insults You In Islam, for dealing with that.

I’m talking about hijabi life hacks for preventing embarrassing body odours, concealing sweat stains and avoiding heatstroke.


Besides staying hydrated, applying sunscreen and staying in the shade, it’s all in the choice of fabric that you wear.

Warm Weather Clothing Hijabi Life Hacks

When the weather is forecast to be extremely hot, reach for clothing made of cotton, linen and jersey. These materials are lightweight, breathable and absorb moisture easily.

Wear hijabs made of jersey material. The great thing about jersey is that it can be worn without an under cap – freeing up an extra layer on your head. Check out How To Wear A Jersey Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials for more information.

Avoid wearing dark shades of clothing. They absorb heat, making you feel even warmer.

Pastel and bright coloured clothing is notorious for showing sweat stains. Grey clothing is also no good.

White is the optimal choice for keeping cool and hiding sweat stains at the same time. Just be sure to wear a nude camisole underneath that matches your skin-tone. This will help hide pesky yellow pit stains. The nude colour won’t show through your white clothing.

Snagging Safety Pins

Hijabi life hacks

A common thing that you probably do to style your hijab is use a safety pin. They’re all well and good, until they snag, that is.

You constantly have to replace your favourite hijabs all the time just because of safety pins ruining them.

One solution you can try is plastic earring backs. You simply push an earring back all the way to the end of your safety pin and then style your hijab as normal. Snagging sorted.

Ironing Your Hijab In A Hurry

Nothing spoils your look quite like a creased hijab does. As it’s worn close to your face, you don’t want it to look sloppy or distracting to others.

When you’re running late for school or work, sometimes you don’t notice that your hijab needs an iron until you’re about to head out the door.

For hijabs made of cotton and linen, you can use a hair straightener to iron your hijab. This is a lifesaver for those times when your hijab is already styled and just needs a bit of an iron on the ends.

While travelling, your access to an iron can be pretty limited. Consider yourself fortunate if your hotel actually does have one. But if not, you’re only left to wear creased hijabs, which have been squashed together in your luggage bag.

Next time you find yourself in this situation, try out this solution. Hang your hijab in your bathroom as you shower. The steam in the room should do the trick without any effort on your part.

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6 Hijabi Life Hacks For Your Everyday Problems