How To Wear A Jersey Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials

How To Wear A Jersey Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials

Jersey hijab material is soft, stretchy and extremely versatile. Its one of the most comfortable fabrics you can wear.

You can often get away with wearing no pins or no under cap with this material.

The clinginess of jersey material can save you from having to readjust your hijab throughout the day.

Here are 9 jersey hijab YouTube tutorials you can copy.

Everyday Simple Jersey Hijab Styles

Casual styles great for school, university or weekends.

Saimascorner Tutorial


Ruba Zai Tutorial

Ruba Zai

Full Coverage Jersey Hijab Styles

Styles that offer maximum coverage of the neck and chest areas.

Saba Jafri Tutorial

Saba Jafri

E S L I M A H Tutorial


No Pins Jersey Hijab Styles

No-fuss styles – great for beginners or time-poor Muslimahs.

Haute Hijab Tutorial

Haute Hijab

Sam Vlogs Tutorial

Sam Vlogs

Must Wear Fashion Tutorial

Must Wear Fashion

Jersey Hijab Styles For Work

Polished and professional looking styles for work.

Withlove, Leena Tutorial

Withlove, Leena

INAYAH Tutorial


Final Thoughts

I hope these videos benefit you in some way, whether you’re a complete beginner at wearing hijab or you’re just after some inspiration.

I know that after I accepted Islam and started wanting to wear hijab, I had no idea where to begin!

My hijab would often go out of place and start falling off during the day because I didn’t know how to pin it properly. I wasn’t sure if I should wear an under cap or not.

If you’re completely new to wearing hijab, the best thing to do is watch YouTube tutorials like the ones in this post and experiment with different styles. It takes lots of practice to find a style you like and make it your signature one.

Experiment with different fabrics too. Some are more comfier and lightweight than others. Some are more suitable in summer and winter seasons. It all comes down to personal preference.

I recommend starting out with jersey hijab styles because they’re simple and easy to copy for beginners.

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How To Wear A Jersey Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials