7 Halal Muslim Matrimonial Sites

7 Halal Muslim Matrimonial Sites

Muslim matrimonial sites aren’t always a halal approach to finding a spouse by default. It all depends on which websites you join and how well you utilise their services.

When used responsibly, they can be a great solution in instances where traditional approaches aren’t as desirable.

Here are three reasons to give Muslim matrimonial sites a try.

Bigger Potential To Meet More Marriage Prospects

Perhaps your parents are on the hunt for a spouse for you but its been weeks or months and they’re not finding anything. Maybe you’ve tried scoping out people at your workplace, school or university and still nothing. Your local mosques might be of no help either.

Maybe you just want to broaden your search elsewhere before settling for someone local.

The great thing about Muslim matrimonial sites is that they provide the ability to perform customised searches. You aren’t just limited to introductions through friends, family or your local community.

Interested in multicultural or interracial marriage? Muslim matrimonial sites might be the way to go for you!

A Solution For Divorcees, Widows, Reverts And Foreigners

Unfortunately, Muslims belonging in these categories tend to struggle a bit more when finding a suitable spouse than young unmarried Muslims born into practicing families do.

Take my own example.

I’m an Australian Muslim revert and my husband is a foreigner from Pakistan. I’m the only Muslim in my family and the only family my husband has in Australia is his brother. He’d only been in Australia for just over one year when we met. We didn’t have a lot of contacts that could help us in seeking a spouse.

That’s why we turned to Muslim matrimonial sites to help us.

We were able to search people’s credentials to find matches we liked the sound of. We email each other back and forth, asking all of the important questions and getting to know each other. Once we were happy, we shared a couple of selfies and arranged to meet up.

I got in contact with a Muslim marriage celebrant my friend recommended. The celebrant acted as my wali and chaperoned us each time we met up.

A short time later we arranged for my family to meet my husband and I video called my husband’s family from overseas.

Then we were able to go ahead with our nikkah.

Helping Brothers And Sisters Who Are Shy

Sometimes brothers and sisters shy away from asking others for marriage.

Using my own example again, I really wanted to get married to help me in my deen. But I was too shy to approach my friends or my local masjid to help me find someone.

I felt much more comfortable and in control using Muslim matrimonial sites.

How To Use Muslim Matrimonial Sites Productively

Muslim matrimonial sites
Use Muslim matrimonial sites wisely

Make your intention to get married in order to help you in your deen. Don’t sign up to Muslim matrimonial sites looking for a haram relationship or to deceive people through catfishing or scamming.

Inform your family that you are signing up for Muslim matrimonial sites. Involve your family in the process as much as you can.

Sisters – arrange a wali and allow them to see every interaction you have with potential spouses.

Ibn Juraij narrated this hadith with the same chain of transmitters, but he made no mention of it:
“No person (man) should be alone with a woman except when there is a Mahram with her.”

Sahih Muslim

Run a spelling and grammar check on your profile.

State that you’re not here to play or waste time.

Be polite in your interactions. Write personalised messages. This will help you stand out from other candidates.

Only contact someone if you genuinely feel there’s potential. Don’t waste other people’s time.

Always arrange to meet a potential spouse in a public environment with the sister’s wali present.

Be careful about sharing private information like your phone number, address and personal photos.

Make du’a for guidance from Allah. Pray the istikhara du’a to help you decide if you should marry a particular person.

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7 Halal Muslim Matrimonial Sites