Recommended Books

Recommended Books

Recommended books
The Noble Qur’an [© meen_na –]

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If you’re seeking a basic understanding of Islam, then I’ve got the ultimate book list for you. These are simple, straightforward and reliable books which you can refer to at home.

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Fortress Of The Muslim – Fortress Of The Muslim is a book containing 267 supplications that you can recite for different daily life occasions. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.


Noble Qur’an Arb/Eng With Transliteration In Roman Script – Each page is divided into three parts – the original Arabic text, transliteration and English translation. At the back of the Qur’an, there’s extra handy features:

  • Index of surahs
  • List of prostration places in the Qur’an
  • List of the prophets mentioned in the Qur’an – in Arabic and in English
  • A glossary of Arabic terms
  • A transliteration key which explains Arabic and English symbols

This is a great Qur’an for those learning to read it in Arabic. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.


Tafsir Ibn Kathir – One of the best ways of studying the Qur’an is to read books of tafsir with scholarly commentary. To be guided by the Qur’an correctly, we need to know the seerah of Prophet Muhammad () and the context behind each ayah. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is widely used by students of Qur’an all over the world. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.

The Most Comprehensive and Authentic Explanation of the Quran!
Tafsir Ibn Kahtir (10 Vol)

Purchase the complete Tafsir Ibn Kathir (10 Vol Abridged) By Dar-us-Salam Publications.

Learning Arabic

Iqra – The Quick Method Of Learning To Read Al-Qur’an (6 Book Set) – These books played a huge role in my journey of learning to read, write and comprehend Qur’anic Arabic. They were recommended to me by my Qur’an teacher and I used them in her class. An alternative to learning Arabic with these books is through YouTube. There are some great tutorials on YouTube that can guide you through learning Arabic with these books. Buy it online from The Islamic Bookstore.

Akhlaq (Islamic Manners)

100 Ahadith About Islamic Manners – This is a great compilation of ahadith from Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, At-Tirmidhi, Riyad us-Saliheen and more. If you want to follow Islamic teachings throughout your life, then this is the book you need. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.

Surah Luqman

The Advice Of Luqmaan: O My Son! – In the Qur’an, a wise man named Luqman is referenced. This book explains different aspects of the advice of Luqman to his son. This is a great book for teaching reverts and children about the seriousness of shirk. It also teaches obedience to parents and the importance of salah. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.

Sunan (Sayings And Actions Of Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ)

More Than 1000 Sunan For Every Day & Night – Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) presence was a gift from Allah. He is the best of Allah’s creation. His purpose as a prophet was to convey the message of Allah through the Qur’an. His lifestyle, speech, mannerisms and actions is the best example. He was a living embodiment of the entire message in order so that we can follow it to the best of our ability. When we’re following the sunnah we’re on the right track to achieving success in this world and in the hereafter. This book contains more than 1,000 sunan that you can implement into your daily life. Buy it online from Dar-us-Salam Publications.

Guidance For Women

Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments) – This book is a complete guide for women on the practicing of Islam. It was originally written in Urdu by Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahimahullah) but has been translated into English. Buy it online from Amazon.

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Recommended Books