How To Wear A Square Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials

How To Wear A Square Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials

Square hijab styles are great for their versatility. You can do lots of full-coverage styles and even niqab styles with this shape. There’s also Turkish style and casual styles that you can do.

You can also create a beautiful triangle shape at the back, with extra coverage.

Here are 9 square hijab YouTube tutorials you can copy.

Everyday Simple Hijab Styles

Casual styles great for school, university or weekends.

Habiba Da Silva Tutorial

Dolly Dalilah Tutorial

Full Coverage Hijab Styles

Styles that offer maximum coverage of the neck and chest areas.

Fasihah Athirah Tutorial

Tudung People Tutorial Tutorial

Turkish Hijab Styles

Beautiful Turkish-inspired hijab styles with square scarves.

Moodha Allanihayah Tutorial

Saba Jafri Tutorial

Niqab With Square Hijab Styles

Find out how you can turn a square scarf into a niqab style.

Farzana Alin Tutorial

Mona Garcia Tutorial

You can wear this style with a half-niqab or one-layer niqab.

Final Thoughts

Square hijabs are one of my favourite styles. I often wear full-coverage ones.

They can be a bit tricky for beginners at the start but you can get better with practice.

I suggest wearing them with an under-cap. Especially with chiffon or silky fabrics, as they tend to be quite slippery. An under-cap offers more coverage of your hair and makes it easier to pin the style on.

Try out a square hijab style. Practice it for a while and if you like it, you can stock up on your square hijab collection.

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How To Wear A Square Hijab: 9 YouTube Tutorials