7 Music-Free Wedding Nasheeds

7 Music-Free Wedding Nasheeds

After music-free wedding nasheeds? Look no further than this playlist I’ve put together of 7 wedding nasheeds – with vocals, daff and sweet romantic lyrics only.

Wedding nasheeds can be used to help boost the mood and create a romantic atmosphere. You can play these nasheeds in the background as you and your wedding party get ready for your special day.

Maher Zain – For The Rest Of My Life

Omar Esa – The Wedding Nasheed

Siedd – Perfect (Official Nasheed Cover)

Maher Zain – Mashallah

Omar Esa – You’re My Wife Alhumdullilah

Hafs Al-Gazzi ft A Dee – Queen Of My Heart

Maher Zain – Barak Allah Lakuma

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7 Music-Free Wedding Nasheeds